Lawn signs. Why are they so important?

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Ever wonder why so many people place a lawn sign in their yard and then go on to place a bunch more around the surrounding areas to direct people to the house?

The straight forward answer is this. People who are looking to purchase a house, usually have a very specific area they are looking to purchase in. Tho the reasons vary some could be it’s close to work, close to a specific school, in a district that is desirable and so on.

Most buyers are looking for somewhere that they know, understand or have at least visited.

Builders. Save yourself some money.

Builders. Save yourself some money.

It takes some time to build a house and a lot of effort goes in but have you ever looked behind you while working on building that home. People are watching! and when you go home at night they go in walk around and dream of what it would or could look like if it was their house. Did you know that you can use this anticipation to your advantage?

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